Frequently Asked Questions

About Karla’s Parties

How long has Karla’s Parties been in business? ▼

Since 2004.

Are you insured? ▼

Yes, Karla’s Parties has Small Business Insurance through Simply Business Public Liability : £1,000,000 | Employers Liability : £10,000,000

Do you have references available? ▼

Yes, references are available on request, and you can view our testimonials here.

What experience do you have with working with children? ▼

I have worked with a variety of ages from birth to 14. I have worked with children from different ethnic backgrounds and children with special educational needs. I originally started out training in day nurseries and Montessori schools. I then went on to be a childrens’ rep to get experience in a different environment. Other jobs have included managing a crèche, assistant manager of a nursery, running after-school clubs and holiday clubs and nannying. Even though I learnt so much from the above I think I learnt the most when I become a mummy in 2009. I now have 3 gorgeous kids.

Why did you set up Karla’s Parties? ▼

When I was a rep I realised how much I enjoyed a job where it’s all about having as much fun with the children as possible. I loved the games, realised how spontaneous I can be when dealing with different ages and different situations. When I returned to the UK I decided that a kids’ party business would be the best job and very satisfying knowing I have made that child’s party extra special.

Are you CRB/police checked? What about first aid? ▼

Yes to both.

What areas do you cover? ▼

All of Pembrokeshire, however there may be a petrol charge depending on the party venue.

About The Website

How can I contact you? ▼

You can contact Karla using our online contact form here, by phone: 01872 501496 / 07545 756 765, or via the Karla’s Parties Facebook page.

How can I give you a testimonial/feedback on the party? ▼

The easiest way is to fill out our Feedback form here, or send Karla a message via Facebook.

Will you include photos of my child’s party on your website gallery? ▼

When filling in the enquiry form, there is a photos allowed option – if you have put yes, then we may do.

Who designed your website? ▼ was designed and illustrated by Design By Stephanie J, a freelance web and graphic designer based in the UK. You can view Stephanie’s portfolio and contact her directly at her website:

Booking a Party

How much will a party cost? ▼

The parties cost £150. This includes all the prizes, pass-the-parcel games, sweets and certificates – and of course, a great fun action packed party!  A fuel/travel charge will apply once location is confirmed.

How do I book a party with you? ▼

Just fill in the enquiry form here. Once I receive your enquiry, and you definitely want to go ahead, I will send out a party pack.

What is in a party pack? ▼

The party pack contains a card for the birthday child, the welcome letter, invoice, (confirmation), names list, and a business card.

How do I pay? What deposit do I need to pay? ▼

We ask for a £20 deposit – all information will be in the party pack. We accept bank transfer or cash.

How much notice do you need? ▼

As long as the date is free, if you asked the day before that would be no problem.

How long will the party last for? ▼

2 hours with a small break in the middle for food.

Do you only work at weekends? ▼

No, we can do parties anytime! Please contact Karla for availability.

How many children can I invite to the party? ▼

We do not have a maximum, but a extra helper may needed if numbers are very large or the children are younger.

Is there a minimum amount of children I need to invite? ▼

We do not have a minimum amount required.

Will there be a disco/music? ▼

Yes we provide all music and we are happy to accept requests but please ask at least a few days before the party.

Can other parents stay to watch the party? ▼

Of course, you’re very welcome to!

Can you recommend any venues in the local area? ▼

Please view the interactive map on our Local Venues page for village halls and community centres in the Pembrokeshire area.

How much time will you need beforehand to set up? ▼

We arrive 30 minutes before, unless you require hall decorations we then arrive 1 hour before the party.

Can I have the party at my home? ▼



Do you provide the birthday cake if it’s a birthday party? ▼

No, but we can recommend a local cake maker.

What games/food is provided by you at a party? ▼

We play a large variety of party games including all the traditional games, play parachute games, and pass-the-parcel.

Can I have a joint birthday party? ▼


Are you offering any special offers/discounts on party bookings at this time? ▼

We do offer different deals – usually these are put on the Karla’s Parties Facebook page so it’s always worth having a look. Currently, to celebrate the launch of our new website we are offering a 10% discount to the first 20 bookings.

Wedding Crèche

How much will it cost? ▼

The cost for a wedding crèche/party is £200 for 2 hours and then £100 for each additional hour. A fuel/travel time charge will apply once location is confirmed. This includes 2 helpers. If larger numbers or young children/babies are attending, extra helpers will be required at £15 per hour.

How do I pay? ▼

A deposit of £50 is required – all details will be included in quote. We then ask for balance payable in advance a couple of days before the wedding or in cash on the day if previously agreed. You can pay by bank transfer.

What deposit do I need to pay? ▼

£50 to secure the date & our services for the day

How much notice do you need? ▼

If the date is free and I can organise the helpers in time, you could even book the day before!

How many hours will you cover? ▼

As many as needed. After a crèche/party we often stay to babysit until 11pm/midnight or even the early hours of the morning.

How much/what kind of space do you need? ▼

Ideally a secure room, with a toilet nearby. If we haven’t got too many small children, an area outside/marquee – we can usually work in most spaces, small or large.

Do you deal with the hotel/venue directly? ▼

We usually deal with the bride, but we are happy to come out to the venue to have a look at the space and meet the wedding planner. With some hotels we deal with the event organisers directly as we have been to the venues many times and they have recommended us.


I would like a crèche at my fete/exhibition/adult party – what kind of space will you need? ▼

We can work in any space – contact Karla with your requirements.

How much will it cost? ▼

£200 for 2 hours & 2 staff, and a fuel/travel time charge will apply once location is confirmed.

Babysitting/Nanny For The Day

Will you come to my home? ▼


How much will it cost? ▼

£15 per babysitter per hour A fuel/travel time charge will apply once location is confirmed.

How much notice do you need? ▼

If you ask the day before and we have availability, then we can be there!

How long can you look after my children for? ▼

As long as required.

What areas will you cover? ▼

All of Pembrokeshire, but an extra petrol charge may apply.

Other Services

How long can I hire the bouncy castle for? How much does it cost? What notice do you need to hire the bouncy castle? What areas do you cover for bouncy castle hire? ▼

The bouncy castle is available for hire for as long as required. It is £70 or £50 with another service, petrol charges will apply and we cover all of Pembrokeshire.

What characters can appear at my child’s party? ▼

Just contact Karla what character you would like – if I haven’t got it I will do my best to get hold of it.
For any further questions, please call Karla on 01872 501496 or 07545 756765
or fill out the online contact form here.